Hey guys…It’s Tuesday, June 12th.

As many of you may know, Anthony and I flew out to Vegas this past Sunday. In a fortunate turn of events, we all of a sudden had some free time…so why not? Or the question you might be asking yourself is “why?” Well, as stated in my last blog post, Anthony and I are starting our own studio- Over the next few months, we will be editing the site as necessary, shooting content for it, and then eventually launching towards the latter half of this year.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Anthony and I have partnered up with our good friends Austin and Zane(from for this next amazing chapter of our lives/careers! Knowing them and their story and them know ours, we came to the conclusion that we can do great things together. Not only great things, but turn out hot scenes with hot guys that actually want to be doing what they’re doing. You guys are definitely in for a treat. So be sure to look out us blogging about shoots over the next few months until the launch of GuysInSweatpants!

Now let’s talk about Vegas. Not only do Austin and Zane live here, but it’s also the home of the Corbin Fisher boys. Corbin Fisher boys like Connor and Dawson that I was masturbating to when I was like 12. Maybe not 12, but definitely before I started doing porn. So I’ve come to the conclusion that they aren’t human because they’re still so hot that it hurts.

Monday night we went out(who goes out on a Monday?) to this club called Marquee. It resembled a small, upscale, multi-city CITY….that’s how big this place was. It was Anthony, Zane, Jeremy, Connor, Alexis and myself. It was a great night(pics below).

Today I died. We went to the spa(Anthony, Zane and I may or may not have masturbated in the sauna. sshh). That’s not the reason I died though. We had the pleasure of stopping by the Corbin Fisher shooting….I’ll call it a compound. The Corbin Fisher shooting compound, which was massive. It was a bit surreal walking through the exact building in which many, many scenes that have gotten me off had been shot. Lucky for us, they were getting ready to shoot a 3-way so there were a few guys there. So of course we took pictures. And what happens when you pile 7 guys on a bed at the same time? Besides me getting pregnant, the bed collapses….twice. As you can see from the very last “mid-collapse” picture that was taken. It was quite a change being around extremely attractive “straight” guys that actually do their jobs while shooting(just watch their work).

Tomorrow we’re all going out on a boat. Fear not, we’re taking the cameras so will have plenty of coverage for you guys. The high is only 104 so we’ll be fine. In the meantime, enjoy the pics below from the couple days we’ve been here. (Click on the first picture and either click on it again to continue to the next or use your arrow keys)


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  2. I’m happy everything is really looking up just days from a horrible experience, Like they say, “Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that it’s too late to see the door that just open”. You moved on quickly..Good for you :) PS. You guys need to do something about all these beds breaking lol

  3. nds always had a weird vibe. tommyd seemed like a real stand-up dude and marcus and doesn’t appear to have a mean bone in his body. but the other guys . . . i dunno.

  4. This post list like actually killing me.
    Like, dead!
    The boy that challenges my sexual orientation so very inappropriately.
    I mean…

    • Care to show me where the problem with that lies? I have no problem with “g4p” as long as the “straight” guy I’m shooting with is no different than shooting with a gay guy while on set. People’s personal lives are their business. As long as while you’re shooting GAY porn, you have GAY sex. I don’t care if Austin and Zane are straight, gay, bi or fucking watermelons in their spare time. While they’re on set, they PERFORM….and well.

      • Austin (Wilde) is right! Austin/Zane may be straight, but their chemistry is overwhelming. Check out their videos for the last two years, starting at the old company. Who gives a shit if they consider themselves gay or straight. When they are on screen together, they show a burning passion and intimacy that set the bar oh so high. The way they have sex is the way I want to have sex, and I’m gay. So who cares if Zane’s Austin goes home to his girlfriend at night and takes care of his baby boy. They really care about each other and love each other as best friends. You have a right to complain about G4P performers that are homophobic and don’t even want to touch their scene partners. But Austin/Zane are different; they are hot sexy men that truly care about each other, and it shows. Austin/Anthony look like they have lots of fun hanging out with Austin and Zane (popsicles in bed…) and I’m glad they have become friends. Gay or straight becomes somewhat irrelevant at that point.

        • really?! we’re supposed to believe they’re “straight” (they’re the ones who put that image out there btw) and that they “enjoy” gay sex and take care of each other. here’s a tip: tell them to stop claiming they’re so “straight”. doing so isn’t only a lie and an insult to EVERYONE’S intellect, it exactly what causes this whole problem. i’m pretty surprised that austin wilde of all people can’t see how everyone is blown away by his blatant hypocrisy in his actions since he’s left NDS. funny he gets all indignant and rude when responding to the critics rather than hearing and understanding what they’re saying. oh, but he’ll just claim “i don’t care what people think” which is as much an insult to consumers as these guys claiming they’re “straight”. go ahead and work with austin zane and corbin fisher, austin. go ahead and take part in the insidious internalized homophobia that causes them to claim to be “straight” and then complain that it’s no one’s business what they do when they’re off camera. if it’s no one’s business what they do then why are they pushing the “straight” label themselves? this is a shitty move by austin and anthony and now that they’ve made it they don’t have a land to stand on for leaving NDS…which is unfortunate because so many of us hoped this would start the trend of moving away from lame ass homophobic “gay4pay”. nice move, austin. right from one g4p studio to another. what integrity you have.

          • Care to show me where exactly I said I signed with AustinZane or Corbin Fisher? You’re the exact ignorant criticism that I get rude towards because, well, you’re just ignorant. I haven’t signed with either company. The company we have signed with is quite gay in fact. Anything else you’d like to add?

          • ummmm no where in my post does it claim you “signed” with anyone so i’m not sure how you claim my ignorance is based in that fact when i never claimed that fact. all i noted is that you WORKED with them…which is in fact true. signed with them or not, you still went straight from NDS to another G4P studio and then act all indignant and assholish simply because people are like uhhhhhh what?!? it appears in a rush to defend yourself you neglected to understand what the word “ignorant” means. “ignorant” would mean believing that you just did a scene with guys who “enjoy gay sex” when they label themselves as “straight”. either they didn’t “enjoy” it like you claim or they aren’t straight. not being able to grasp that fact is “ignorance”.

          • Regardless of whether or not you claimed I signed with anyone, you’re focused on the issue of me going from one g4p studio to working with another…when that in itself was never the issue to begin with. The issue was the “performers” at the previous studio refusing to perform certain gay acts BECAUSE they were straight.

          • using your own words you said you want a career doing scenes with guys who “enjoy gay sex”. it seems a bit of a jump to call your fans ignorant when we’re confused by your choices since self-identified straight guys couldn’t and wouldn’t enjoy gay sex. maybe it’s your wording we get hung up on, maybe it’s the fact that the guys themselves are the ones who make their sexuality such an issue to begin with. my point was getting indignant and abusive towards your fans who were happy and supported your move from NDS seems short-sided. if you don’t care about losing fans and support so be it. considering it’s us gay fans who will be buying your product and watching your porn it seems self-defeating to go out of your way to defend these guys when they are the ones who make their sexuality such an issue but then turn around and blame gays for daring to confront them on their delusions and homophobia.

          • Where is all this hatred coming from? Austin and Zane have always been honest with us, and have said from the beginning that they are straight. They were appearing on a website that was called “Straight College Men,” so it was understood that all models were straight and just played with each other for money. Some models were lame and obviously uncomfortable with the idea of playing around with other guys, other models had chemistry with and affection for each other, like Austin and Zane. Austin and Zane left SCM and now continue their erotic and intimate performances on their own website. Why is that a lie and an insult? How are we deceived? What should we be upset about?
            Everybody was jumping all over Austin when his girlfriend got pregnant last year. Many guys were overly critical with comments like “why did you get her pregnant” or “why didn’t you use protection.” Criticism of their personal lives becomes very vitriolic very quickly. They will stop talking about their personal lives if all they get is abuse from the comments on the blogs.
            I’m glad that Austin/Anthony became friends with Austin/Zane and appeared on their site. Their first collaboration (released today) looks hot, because here you have two couples who love each other (one more physically, one more spiritually), exchanging passion and affection for each other. They’re just hot and into each other, and we shouldn’t hate them just because they:
            1. are straight people comfortable with gay sex, or
            2. work with straight people
            After all, we’re not talking about homophobic Cody Cummings here.
            Austin, you guys rock!!

  5. hey austin- big fan. now that you are gone from NDS, could you please give us some dirt? besides you and yours, my favorites are parker and rod. so anything???? i follow rod on his blog which i love (seen u on there too), but he never responds to comments…does NDS monitor comments etc. thanks!

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