Confusion, be gone.

It seems some people are confused as to the name of our studio that is launching tomorrow. Or maybe it’s the only thing they can find to bitch about when it comes to the work we’ve released so far. In which case, I’m ok with it. Either way, allow me to give a little history as to why I chose the name GuysInSweatpants

The idea of a guy in sweatpants is, in my opinion, a hot one. And according to the tens of thousands of views on the site each day, I’m not the only one that thinks that.¬†I created the site almost 2 years ago with nothing more in mind than a guy in sweatpants (or gym shorts) is hot. Sweatpants aren’t for only fat people. They aren’t only for poor people. They aren’t for people who have given up on life. Or whatever other delusional scenarios I’ve heard so far. We’ve all seen someone you’d rate a 4 walk by in sweatpants….and you still look at his ass or bulge. So I rest my case.

The idea of my own studio is something I had thought of for quite some time. Once we were given the chance to make that dream a reality, we went with it. Thinking of a domain name wasn’t high on the list of things to do right away, but when it came time to decide on one, it took weeks of ideas that never sounded good. Anthony brought up the idea of using GuysInSweatpants, which I immediately shot down (after all, it had become quite popular and was my baby…and still is).

When I think of a guy in sweatpants or gym shorts, I think of your everyday, comfortable, real guy. A guy that is comfortable with himself (and in his sweatpants). And since we want guys that are real, relaxed, “jockish” and are comfortable and enjoy doing what they’re doing, it seemed like an alright idea, and I finally gave in to the idea. And am glad I did.

While every one of our scenes won’t have sweatpants flailing throughout the entire thing, the guys may be wearing them every once in awhile just to make certain people happy ;) Overall, our scenes will be focused on real, gay sex (hence our tagline- Real. Gay. Sex.). Regardless of anyone’s sexuality, as long as they plan on molesting every inch of their scene partner’s body, and enjoying it, I’m happy- mainly because I get to watch it live ;)

Unless you’re talking about a site whose name directly describes the type of guy they shoot, there are plenty of sites names out there that “don’t make sense.” But just roll with it. ¬†Hopefully some of the people that seem to be oh-so-confused made it to the end of this and can finally see the light. Talk to you guys later!

- Austin


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