Best. Blowjob. Ever.

There are two things a boy could ask for: a train set and a compliment from someone that the blowjob you gave them was the best they’d ever had. And last night, Bravo Delta gave me the latter of the two. I was confident I enjoyed our scene more, but now I’m not too sure about that.

So Bravo, I think it’s only fair that we do this again. After all, if you can see the future during it, let’s split the next Powerball lottery. I guess we could even record it if we must. I’ll call you.

I think this would look great on Fingers crossed ;)

THIS…                                                       and THIS.



Confusion, be gone.

It seems some people are confused as to the name of our studio that is launching tomorrow. Or maybe it’s the only thing they can find to bitch about when it comes to the work we’ve released so far. In which case, I’m ok with it. Either way, allow me to give a little history as to why I chose the name GuysInSweatpants

The idea of a guy in sweatpants is, in my opinion, a hot one. And according to the tens of thousands of views on the site each day, I’m not the only one that thinks that. I created the site almost 2 years ago with nothing more in mind than a guy in sweatpants (or gym shorts) is hot. Sweatpants aren’t for only fat people. They aren’t only for poor people. They aren’t for people who have given up on life. Or whatever other delusional scenarios I’ve heard so far. We’ve all seen someone you’d rate a 4 walk by in sweatpants….and you still look at his ass or bulge. So I rest my case.

The idea of my own studio is something I had thought of for quite some time. Once we were given the chance to make that dream a reality, we went with it. Thinking of a domain name wasn’t high on the list of things to do right away, but when it came time to decide on one, it took weeks of ideas that never sounded good. Anthony brought up the idea of using GuysInSweatpants, which I immediately shot down (after all, it had become quite popular and was my baby…and still is).

When I think of a guy in sweatpants or gym shorts, I think of your everyday, comfortable, real guy. A guy that is comfortable with himself (and in his sweatpants). And since we want guys that are real, relaxed, “jockish” and are comfortable and enjoy doing what they’re doing, it seemed like an alright idea, and I finally gave in to the idea. And am glad I did.

While every one of our scenes won’t have sweatpants flailing throughout the entire thing, the guys may be wearing them every once in awhile just to make certain people happy ;) Overall, our scenes will be focused on real, gay sex (hence our tagline- Real. Gay. Sex.). Regardless of anyone’s sexuality, as long as they plan on molesting every inch of their scene partner’s body, and enjoying it, I’m happy- mainly because I get to watch it live ;)

Unless you’re talking about a site whose name directly describes the type of guy they shoot, there are plenty of sites names out there that “don’t make sense.” But just roll with it.  Hopefully some of the people that seem to be oh-so-confused made it to the end of this and can finally see the light. Talk to you guys later!

- Austin



As a predominant top (show me a nice body and big uncut cock, and I’m all yours though), I like a bottom that knows how to get fucked. Lying there just taking a big dick isn’t “knowing” how to get fucked….it’s simply getting fucked. And it’s all too common.

Bend over. Arch your back. Fucking brace yourself. And don’t complain.

I had the pleasure of filming the scene that brought to you the picture below. That’s Anthony Romero getting choke fucked (one of my favorite things to do to him, btw) by Ben Driver. That, my friends, is how you get fucked.

Their scene will be our first update on GuysInSweatpants after we launch. I filmed it and watched it multiple times and I assure you it’s good. So I’d recommend getting your membership early to be one of the first to see it. Our official launch date is Feb 7th.


Look for this scene Feb 13th.

GISP to Launch Feb. 7th!

It’s finally (almost) here!

My computer and I have become best frienemies the last few months, as I’ve spent countless hours on it editing porn, getting distracted by Twitter, reading/sending countless emails, editing more porn, jerking off due to editing porn….rinse and repeat….a lot. And we’re less than 2 weeks away from the official launch of! (Feb. 7th)

As most of you already know, the site as you see it now is being transformed into a porn site that will include weekly scene updates, regular cam shows, blog updates, etc. Anthony and I have been working a lot over the last few months filming scenes, redesigning the site and now editing the shit out of pictures and video. It’s been a tiring, exhausting, FUN and at times, stressful endeavor. But it will all be worth it come Feb. 7th.

I love the group of guys we’ve shot so far. They’ve all been attractive, great attitudes, fun to work with, a lot of big dicks…and have actually enjoyed the shoots and had great sex (pretty sure I’ve had at least a chub during most of the scenes I’ve filmed). I’m confident you guys are going to love it. Look out for trailers and teaser videos sometime over the next week and a half…

One of the best parts about owning your own studio and content is that you can post things whenever and however you want. With that being said, I created a mini-trailer of one of my favorite scenes I’ve done for GISP so far. It was with JD Phoenix and his amazing ass. The scene was hot to shoot, hot to edit and now it’s hot to watch. This teaser is short, but the full trailer and scene will be on the site when we launch. So I present to you- the first peek at a GuysInSweatpants scene!

Do you think serious, committed couples should share passwords? I’m not talking about bank account passwords and things of a more serious nature, but things such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. And I’m definitely not talking about the relationship you’ve been in for the past 2 months.

Do you not see any problem with it since you’re loyal and have nothing to hide? Do you not want your other half seeing the harmless flirting you do in private messages? Do you think he/she should just trust you and not invade your privacy? Or do you have general trust issues and think everything should be shared?

I’ve always found people’s opinions on this topic to be interesting. I know my opinion on the matter, but want to know what you guys think. Go ahead and vote, and feel free to leave comments with your thoughts.

Note: this has nothing to do with me personally; simply curiosity of your guys’ thoughts.


NYE in Vegas

Between helicopter tours, shows, dinners, hanging out with friends and then NYE at Share Nightclub (which constitutes for most of the pictures), here’s a little peek at how my week went in Vegas. It was definitely one of the best trips and New Years I’ve had in quite some time.

Based on all of the “Grrr” faces from Monday night, I can only assume Connor, Alexis and I named 2013 the Year of the Tiger. Or something like that…

(You can start by clicking on the first one and using the arrow keys to scrolls through them)

Porn starrin’ 101

Welcome, class.

It’s almost the new year. And since the 7 billion people didn’t perish a few days ago, some of you may be thinking of what your New Years resolution(s) will be. If you’re like me, you don’t make them because, well, what’s the point? If you aren’t going to start going to the gym, stop smoking or stop being a cunt any other time of the year, why would you start Jan 1st? But I digress…

I want to speak out to some of my fellow industry performers for a bit. If your New Years resolution is to have a better shoot year (get more work), gain that “star” status that you may already misuse on your Twitter profile, or just want the ability to say “No, I want $500 more than that” (and actually get it) when a studio presents your scene rate… OR even if you’re new to the industry and want some pointers, then keep reading.

I have self-qualified myself to write what I’m about to. They’re most things I’ve done or learned over the years, and I’ve had a pretty successful ride so far. So get comfortable and take notes.

BUY YOUR DOMAIN NAME: This is more for the brand newbies. When I first started in the industry, someone actually told me to purchase my .com. I didn’t listen because I was naive and didn’t think someone would have interest in buying it since at the time I was “nobody” and didn’t really think I’d continue doing porn past my first shoot. The last thing you want to happen is for someone to buy your domain name and then be forced to add a XXX or something as equally annoying to the end of your name in order to create your website/blog. Especially if it’s an already established porn company that puts out trash content that later hires you on and then fires you for refusing to be their puppet like the rest of their staff. Whoops.


THE GYM: This is an ever changing industry. There will be new guys popping up (pun intended) everyday. Some won’t make it past their first shoot, some may make it a year and fizzle away, and a few will be the hottest guy you’ve ever seen in your life. If you’re wanting to be noticed in this industry, an industry in which you’re paid to be NAKED in front of a camera for people’s masturbational pleasure, get your ass into the gym (that or have a 10″+ dick). Studios are paying you to be in at least decent, if not great shape and perform well. All the guys with great bodies didn’t get them by sitting around wishing they had them. So don’t be a lazy twat; ask someone or google different workouts, drink your protein shakes, EAT….and WORKOUT. And stay away from the steroids. People will notice it. And being able to play connect the dots on your back is not cute.


OVEREXPOSURE: If you’re just wanting to get in, knock out as many scenes with as many studios as you can, make your money and get out, then skip this section because it doesn’t apply to you. Exposure is great. Overexposure can be your worst enemy. As stated in the previous section, there are new guys appearing everyday, so keep yourself as “in demand” as possible, as to preserve your appearance and presence. If you need the money, it’s totally understandable, otherwise don’t accept every shoot from every studio that makes you an offer. 40 scenes with 10 different studios in the same year….es no bueno.


DON’T BE A DOUCHE: There’s little to be said about this, as it explains itself. Your attitude is half the battle when it comes to gaining that “star” status (unless you marry into it like some people). I know too many guys that are attractive, but their attitude resembles the shit I took this morning. And I had a massive steak last night. Nobody wants to jerk off to you knowing you’re a douche.


YOU’RE IN CHARGEWithin reason, of course. Understand that YOU are the one whose face is going to be on the internet with those 5 guys blowing their loads on it. You really didn’t want to do it, but the director said you “had” to. No, no you don’t. That extra $100 they used to convince you to do it will be gone after you buy your weed for the week. Your cum covered face is there for much longer than that. It’s your career; don’t do shit you don’t actually want to. Just don’t take this to the point where you turn into a DIVA. Until you receive your DIVA card, that is.


PARTYING: We all do it. How you choose to do said partying, where you broadcast it and whether or not you end up in jail for being a dumbass is completely up to you. Be a drunk mess, just don’t do it at industry events where people will take pictures and it will end up on The Sword where thousands of people will see. Again, not cute. If you’re young and immature, chances are this is going in one ear and out the other. But you’re the ones that provide us with the entertainment of seeing how much of a disaster you are. And for that, we thank you.


MELTDOWNS: Want your “career” to crash and burn like the other train wrecks that have had their “epic” meltdowns? Then have one. Otherwise, in all honestly, people will read them and judge you for them, but nobody REALLY gives a shit about your issues. And nobody wants to support someone that they KNOW is a mentally unstable mess. So pick up a phone and call someone. Or text someone. Or send an email to a random email address. But for your own sake, keep it off social networking sites. The only good thing that comes from your meltdown is the fact it makes the rest of us look like we have our shit together.


CLUB APPEARANCES: Unfortunately, clubs aren’t going out of their way to bring in porn performers like they used to even just 2-3 years ago. Especially without going through an agent or another trusted performer. Not only are they fun, but the word of mouth is your best friend when it comes to getting your name out there and increasing your fan base. So any most chances you get to do one, I highly recommend it. Again, it’s your career; get out there and take the initiative.


WAKE UP: Sometimes I wonder if guys realize that what they’re doing is going to be on the internet forever (or at least until the next apocalypse). Studios shouldn’t regret bringing you out due to your corpse-like performance. Let your inner slut out if you’re in front of the camera- we all know it’s in there. If you’ve read on the blogs that you look bored or that you’re a lame performer, it’s time to make a change. That, or McDonald’s is always hiring.


SUP BRO: Oh you’re straight? Great. If you’re not willing to ask “would you like fries with that?,” then you shouldn’t work at McDonald’s. If you aren’t willing to suck a dick in GAY porn, you shouldn’t work in gay porn. Any questions? No? Good.

This ends my ranting. If you have any additional questions or need advice on furthering your career in the adult industry, please contact me and I’d be happy to help you. Also include your email address so I can send you an invoice for my services. Thank you.

Oh and Happy Holidays!

Yours truly,

Austin Wilde






I’m dedicating this blog post to one thing- Chad Hunter‘s butthole.

This is a screen grab from the scene he and Bryan Cole shot for Guys In Sweatpants a couple weeks ago. I was forced to both film it and edit it together…and It was complete torture (I had a chub/hard-on most of that day). But I digress. Chad Hunter and his butthole (and his penis), ladies and gentlemen.

The full scene (along with many others) will be on the site when we launch late next month! But for now, look how fucking adorable he is.



From now until Monday (a.k.a. “Cyber Monday”), Fleshjack is offering 25% off ALL Fleshjack-brand products! Since you aren’t me and can’t own my actual dick or asshole, this is the next best thing. If you’ve ever used a fleshjack, this is the best time to get yourself or a friend (or family member) a brand new one! GET IT HERE!

Happy Holidays!